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Radioemoji 1.0

Radioemoji is a plugin that will help you to find out what users think about your content. Seven emotions in a set, any text on the buttons.

Users leave their emotions, the plugin counts them and displays the number:

Counters are connected to the database of the site owner, authorization works on browser Fingerprint technology. The number, text and images of emotions can be changed.

Designer is Ivan Zviahin, programmer is Olga Mokhova.

The plugin is free for everyone: radioemoji.intuition.team

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Website Brumby

The task is to make a minimal first version of a website for a startup from Amsterdam. The site says that the company helps professionals find the best companies, and companies find the best professionals around the world. The site tells the idea of the name of the company and gives contacts:

The site works on mobile devices:

I made the site design and logo. We spent two weeks on everything.

2019   brumby   done   website

Website Crossfit Martell

New website CrossFit Martell solves two problems: tells beginner athletes of CrossFit and convinces local and foreign people to register for classes.

If the user is familiar with CrossFit, the user can easily check schedules, prices, and register for classes. For this purpose we developed a separate webpage that the user can access using a menu.

If the user has additional questions he can directly ask the trainer via moving button. It opens a modal window with messages, phone numbers and email addresses.

The website is mobile compatible.

I designed pages for a website. Sasha Fazulin contacted the client and edited pictures.
Natasha Nikonova and Alina Mishurdnko wrote the context. Maksim Ilyaxov was an art director for the project and Sasha Ivanov wrote HTML and CSS codes for the website.


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