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In March we flew to Paris. Publish atypical photos without the Eiffel Tower.

Fucking beautiful metro inside
Photo with Vespa, of course
The hotel we chose by posters in the corridors
Exit the metro that Guimard did
Versailles is impressive
Navigation in the park of Versailles
Just a beautiful sign
And not very beautiful
Paris oxygen
Cozy entrance to the metro
Tickets to the Pompidou Museum
And the view from the roof of the museum
Entrance numbering
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In November 2018 flew to Rome. Leave here atypical photos and observations of the tourist.

I really like the font of city navigation and the logo of the subway
In the city everywhere instead of blinds use these doors
On narrow streets, all signs are bent by trucks and pasted over with stickers
The menu is written by hand. Look at the most important headline. It is interesting to consider the details
Typical Roman entrance
The city is cleaned by locals. They put boxes to tourists threw coins for cleaning the city
Just a beautiful train schedule
Bus timetable, 118 can go with a bike
Subway navigation
Rome has beautiful hills
Some more city navigation
Modernity and old in one picture
An interesting trick to fill the empty places on the poster
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In the summer of 2017, I visited Batumi. I’ll leave here a couple of photos for memory. At the end there are photos of the entrance doors from the old town.

Old Town reminds Riga
In Georgia, dogs are vaccinated and tagged with a chip
High-rise buildings in which he settled and some restaurant on the shore
BMW antique salon
Navigation signs in the new city
A sign in the old town
Just some pictures on a scary wall
Transport timetable at the bus stop
Dog parking
Beautiful sewer manhole
Crosswalk. They so save on road markings
Non-air-conditioned buses run around the city
And with air conditioning, there is no other urban transport in the city
Single trip ticket
Navigation in the botanical garden near the city
Kids play on the road
Typical Residential House
Probably the worst bus station in the world

Bonus doors from the old city:

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