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Poster Mercedec Benz

During the course “Typography‘ by Igor Shtang, we were challenged with creating a pre revolutionary advertising poster for Mercedes Benz.

After the course, I asked for a consultation with the Igor Shtang in order to achieve the best version of the project. After a week we had this as a final result.

Three in one

The method consists of collaboration context photography and illustration. The photography demonstrates the dynamic of the project, the fonts make it stylish, and the context makes it informative.


I used a vertical table of 12 columns for elements alignment and for vertical typographic rhythm – horizontal layout.


Jobbing font from the lines, parts of the photograph that are out of focus, and the background are all elements that attribute to an art deco style. Layout and modules are linked to Switzerland’s style. At the end, it looked completely renewed.

Thank You

I wanted to thank Igor Shtang for finalizing the project, as well as, Ilya Birman for suggesting out of focused subjects in the photograph. I also wanted to highlight amazing course from ‘Typography and Layout‘ by Igor Shtang. If you are web designer, developer or editor I suggest you to join the course. You definitely won’t regret it.

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