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Radioemoji 1.0

Radioemoji is a plugin that will help you to find out what users think about your content. Seven emotions in a set, any text on the buttons.

Users leave their emotions, the plugin counts them and displays the number:

Counters are connected to the database of the site owner, authorization works on browser Fingerprint technology. The number, text and images of emotions can be changed.

Designer is Ivan Zviahin, programmer is Olga Mokhova.

The plugin is free for everyone: radioemoji.intuition.team

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App Sovest

Sovest is a deferred payment card. Previously, the application could not be used until you order a card. The motivation to get one was small. Now the application shows a huge selection of products and features of the card, while offers to order it.

Smart output of goods

In the first screen the app shows the products that you can buy. After mixing lists of partner stores, special offers, promotions and offers to order a card:

If the map is already there, the application tries to report any interesting information:

The list of products is impressive in its diversity. But if you’re looking for something specific, a “smart” search will help you. If you go to a specific category, the app shows interesting products from other categories:

The application remembers the interests of the user, so everyone gets a list of products that are collected individually for him. The list is collected automatically by templates and rules. Templates and rules use the proportions and nature of the photos:

Item card

The application shows the goods, tells how much will cost a monthly payment, the duration of the deferred payment and the number of points that you will receive after repayment. The application says where you can buy the goods and from which sellers it is also. The application asks for personal data if the card is not yet issued:

Store card

The application shows all the products of a particular store and contacts:

In addition to cards and product list

We have designed about fifty screens and animations for selecting and viewing products, searching and filtering, different stages of ordering and delivery of the card, setting up a user profile, repayment of deferred payment, motivation for further purchases, loyalty program. For example:

In real life, look in the App Store and Google Play

The design of the application is made in six weeks from January 22 to March 14, 2018.
Ilya Birman is art director and designer, Ivan Zviahin is designer.

Website Brumby

The task is to make a minimal first version of a website for a startup from Amsterdam. The site says that the company helps professionals find the best companies, and companies find the best professionals around the world. The site tells the idea of the name of the company and gives contacts:

The site works on mobile devices:

I made the site design and logo. We spent two weeks on everything.

2019   brumby   done   website

Website Mascot

“Mascot” is an car award in Belarus. The award site solves many problems. We will introduce the conditions of the participants of the award. We will give the opportunity to apply for participation. We will tell about partners. We will tell about the nomination and methodology. We will introduce to the experts. And we will give the opportunity to vote for the best cars that fall into the qualifying round. We will draw prizes among the voting participants so that they will not be lazy to vote.

Award participants

All participants of the award are car dealers. And the subject of evaluation is new cars. Therefore, we designed a magazine of all cars that were sold in 2018:

Of course, you want to see all the pictures of cars. To do this, we made a gallery of cars in each nomination:


We told about all the partners. In order not to publish them at the end of the page, we mixed them into the car magazine:

Method of determining the winner

The first stage is qualifying. This is an online vote of the people on the site. We chose the five best cars for the second and third stages. I will tell you more about this later.

The second stage is the determination of the winner in each nomination. With the help of a research company throughout Belarus. We considered the region, age, gender and education of the participants. Of the five finalists of the first stage, an objective winner was determined in each nomination.

The third stage is the determination of the winner by the expert council. All six experts participated in the voting.

In total, in each nomination there will be two winners: in the opinion of the people and in the opinion of experts.

Raffle prizes

We made a prize draw for voting members to attract more people.

Consumer voting

We launched a qualifying stage vote right on the site. Phone number verification:

We show only one car on the screen to avoid comparing cars to each other and increase the objectivity of voting.

Personal data of the participant:

Gratitude for participation is discount on automotive products in the online hypermarket:

Winners presentation

We made the announcement of the winners on the site:

Mobile devices

Everything works on mobile devices:

For the site collected about 50 screens and states. In life, there is a three-dimensional logo and iridescent buttons: mascot.by


  1. Marketing.by В Минске назвали лучшие автомобильные марки
  2. Realt.by Знай лучших. В Беларуси выбрали автомобиль года
  3. Домкрат Проголосуйте за любимые авто
  4. av.by Знай лучших. В Беларуси выбрали автомобиль года
  5. Belretail.by Итоги премии «МАСКОТ 2018»
  6. Tut.by Знай лучших. В Беларуси выбрали автомобиль года
  7. av.by Голосуем за лучший автомобиль года в Беларуси
  8. Marketing.by av.by проводит автомобильную премию для улучшения качества индустрии
  9. Volkswagen Подведены итоги автомобильной премии
  10. Skoda Skoda Kodiaq и Skoda Octavia – победители премии
  11. Радио Мир Названы автомобили с лучшим штатным автозвуком
2019   av.by   cars   done   mascot   сar award

Minsk Metro Map

Assignment: design a Minsk Metro map for other cities to be jealous of.

The centre

The main idea was to show the centre thoroughly and to simplify the rest. In the central part of the city, landmarks, parks, the river, streets and the location of the station exits are shown. This makes the map evenly dense, attractive for tourists and useful for the locals. Trees and bridges are given special love. The buildings are highly detailed, but shown in calm colours to not obstruct the main information layer.

Line being built

The label of the green line that is under construction, which is denoted by a neat dot pattern, also includes the planned year of completion.


The legend is nowhere to be found on the map: all non-obvious elements are labeled in-place.


To keep the map clean from the coordinate grid and facilitate the station lookup, the station index is relying on “Compass” system, first used in my Moscow Metro map of 2013. To find a station, just look in the direction of an arrow.

The map will look great both in train carriages and in booklets. Art director – Ilya Birman. Designers – Ivan Zviahin and Konstantin Evstratenko.


I talk about the creation process:

2018   done   map
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