Concept App Yandex.Home

In early 2016, I was participating in a project for the Yandex Design School. I was tasked with imagining a smart home system for Yandex and offer a mobile app concept for the task.


Improve a person’s interaction inside the home by creating a reliable and easy-to-use mobile app.


  1. To develop a comfortable application targeting two audiences – Advance mobile app users and Beginners.
  2. Enable the user to show status and save.
  3. Close daily needs and security issues.
  4. Save the visual language of Yandex.
  5. Fulfill the application with other useful Yandex services.

I started the project by taking a loft style apartment as a visual prototype. Therefore, with a small number of “smart” items, I drew the scheme of the apartment:

Kitchen Bedroom Hallway Bathroom
Light Light Light Light
Warm floor Music Warm floor Warm floor
Curtains Curtains Alarm Air conditioner
Air conditioner Air conditioner Air conditioner

Further I developed the app for this apartment, prototype only. List of smart objects.

Useful application

A person is interested in the result, which is built on needs. For each of the needs I made decisions.

Based on these needs and decisions I was building the concept.

Achieving results in the first screen

On this screen, the user launches scripts, views active items, and most importantly, manages the home. Adds, deletes, and modifies scripts has access to the chosen subjects, adjusts the home.

Fast switching between homes

Homes automatically switch by geolocation or manually by the user. It is possible to add a new home or office.

Smart Items and features

You can simply call an ambulance, fire rescue, and police with a single tap. The Home app sends all the necessary data for these services. You can pay insurance, utility bills through Yandex.Money. Call a cab using Yandex.Taxi and analyze monthly expenses. I can see all the status of items in the house and change them in one screen.


These screens are responsible for managing items in separate rooms. You can add, customize, or delete an item.


Here I turn on my favorite music. I run it from Yandex.Radio Yandex.Music or the smartphone library. Setting the alarm clock. Share my favorite tracks to friends in messengers and social networks.

Air conditioning

Here I manage the temperature in the room or in the whole apartment. The application tells how many degrees on the street according to Yandex.Weather, so I can select the right temperature in the house.

New Items

I find the subject, add it to the room. If you do not have the desired room, create a new one. I add an item to my Favorites tab if I use it frequently.


If you forget to turn off the “Warm floor”, no problem. The Home will remind you of it and offer to turn it off for you. Did the Light burn out? Change it by ordering a new one in Yandex.Market. You do not need to remember to pay for utility services and insurance because now this is the care of your home.


Give access to other family members. Set up notifications, voice control, widget, and geolocation. Determine what to do at home if the phone is off. Select a language. Determine the units of temperature measurement: Celsius or Fahrenheit? Include the access code. Friendly interface for people with disabilities.

Icon from family Yandex icons

I have collected the basic services of Yandex, which I use myself. Drew an icon for Yandex. Home, which is similar in style to the other icons of services Yandex. Now she looks harmoniously in this family. In the European countries most people live in apartments, so the icon of the private house is not suitable. The house with apartments resembles a remote control. The first letter of the company “Y” is hidden in the icon.