Ivan Zviahin

I’m product designer, manager and I create useful and aesthetic digital systems.

Create. I practice both working independently, as part of a team, and working through team leadership. I use flexible methodologies and development levels.

Useful. I make products that solve the problems of users and businesses. I test, explore the domain, and look for feedback from users.

Aestetic. What matters to me is how things look and how people feel when they use them. In my works, I bring beauty, purity, elegance, and depth to the masses.

Digital. I work in the field of digital products. I create layouts for websites, mobile and desktop applications, and brand identification elements. I’m not afraid to dive into technology.

System. Since childhood, I love to explore how different subjects work, I’m looking for a system. I look at the products first in general, then point-by-point. This applies not only to the architecture of the product, but also to its image.

These abilities or phenomena are very close to me. If they are not there, I feel uncomfortable: feedback, respect, influence, focus, scale, high return, ease of change, deliberate risk, consistency without extremes, truth, strategy, training, aesthetics and purity, empathy, team, the ability to dream, community.

Areas that attract me: communication, travel, planning, cars, music, cooking, fashion, video, wine.

Work History

av.by – cars classified, Design Team Lead, 2017 – now. av.by — the winner of the contest “Brand of the year – 2018,2019” in the category product about buying and selling cars. The project is among the most visited resources of the Belarusian Internet segment. In addition to the site, the company has a mobile apps for Android and iOS with a total monthly audience of more than 200,000 users. Every month av.by visited by more than 450,000 people according to Gemius Audience Data. I worked on:

  • I manage the processes in the design team (2d artists, communication designers, UX · UI designers), from design principles to final launch. I work with the motivation and happiness of the design team. I established the role of design in the process of creating new features and products.
  • We were redesigning our apps and website. The restart was performed on a new technical platform. Worked with members of the product development team and the product owner to optimize the product’s performance. Participated not only as the leader of the design team, but also as a designer. We built a hierarchy of product metrics to make sure that we are moving in the right direction. Development of prototypes, animations and layouts and test them. Participated in user interviews. To date, we have restarted the bus section on the website. Soon the other sections and apps...
  • Built design principles.
  • Built a design system.
  • We took responsibility for HTML and CSS page layout within the design team. The final layout is static. With this solution, we have increased the development speed by 22%. We have removed additional work from QA. Everyone was happy. The design team uses HTML, CSS, JS and Gitflow in our work.
  • We have launched financial instruments. This tool helps buyers quickly find a loan or lease to purchase a vehicle. As it turned out, purchases involving a loan or leasing more than 72%.
  • We have created a new visual language for the brand. The goal is to create a unique visual language so that the brand is recognized without a logo and stands out among competitors. We held a brand session inside the company and presented what the brand would look like if it were a car, animal or human, and collected these images. At the entrance, we identified four characteristic features of the brand: simplicity, visibility, optimism, cheerfulness. At the end, we created a visual language that worked through text, images, typography, color, and visual techniques. Thanks to the new language, we have increased brand awareness metrics.
  • Together with the team launched a childbrand Mascot. Mascot is the only cars award in Belarus. We developed website and identify.

Up to this point, I was the only designer and worked in the Product Designer position. I was working on:

  • Offered suggestions to enhance the product’s design, which would improve the user experience. Observed quality control procedures. Created product prototypes using Figma, Sketch, Zeplin, Principle.
Just a photo from an event we did
  • Development of prototypes and layouts for new and support for the company’s current mobile and desktop apps. Work with the product manager, development team and marketing director. Building and maintaining a design system and information architecture. Wrote down details regarding each step in the product’s design process for use in manuals. Mastered Jira and Confluence.
  • Collaborated with peers and other design team members to discuss product enhancements and features. Supported production of various proposal volumes under tight time constraints. Adhered to all corporate brand guidelines when preparing graphic materials. Designed and printed online interactive sales and marketing collateral. Contributed ideas during strategic and conceptual brainstorming sessions. Observed quality control procedures.

Marketing agency Cheshire Cat, Lead Designer, 2013 – 2017. Marketing Agency of a full cycle. The company develops the projects, starting with analysis and ending with the corporate style of the company and development websites. The company plunges into business and finds a solution that brings profit to the customer. I worked on:

  • I and my team launched 16 projects. For example, the site for shops selling office chairs: kingstyle.by – for the year after launch, profits increased by 220%. Website for entrance door salons: ds-steelline.by – before launch, the shop sold 40 doors per month, after launch 210. Another example, website for furniture salon: domani – after launching the site, number of visitors doubled.
  • Worked with customers to present mockups and collect information for adjustments. Partners with potential clients to determine the strengths, weaknesses, benefits, and gains of the project.
  • Effectively collaborated with the design team by managing the production of the project and delegating responsibilities to team member.
  • Submitted design ideas in early planning stages with customers and project managers.
  • Oversaw team and kept members on task to complete orders according to deadlines. Contributed ideas during strategic and conceptual brainstorming sessions. Drove business growth and success through implementing marketing and sales strategies.

In early 2016, I was appointed lead designer. Up to this point, I worked in the UX · UI Designer position. I was working on:

  • Created drafts and layouts. Created project timelines.
  • Interacted effectively with clients during the design phase of the project to troubleshoot issues and gain valuable insight.
  • Created user friendly websites and apps, ensuring users could easily navigate menus and quality content. Developed easy-to-use interfaces that complied with project and client specifications.
  • Proficiently mastered web designs from conception to completion, including graphic design, artwork, and digital application.
  • Worked closely with graphic designer, editors and development team to appropriately evolve designs from concept to launch.
  • Worked closely with several cross-functional teams including business solution architects, customer operations, support and training teams and engineering to maximize product efficacy.
  • Drove the alignment of business requirements, user-centered design methodology and technology factors to create successful UI and UX designs.
  • Used skill in Photoshop, Sketch and Zeplin, Figma, Illustrator, Axure, Principle, Pixelmator, Invison, Affinity Designer to create images and layouts.

Construction company “Alliance Corp.”, Assistant of Leading Designer, 2012 – 2013. I worked on:

  • Performed digital retouching and image editing and utilized software, including Photoshop.
  • Eliminated bugs interfering with user experiences, generating over 116 positive customer feedback comments.
  • Proficiently mastered web designs from conception to completion, including graphic design, artwork, and digital application.
  • Developed and maintained company style guide.
  • Identified and resolved issues with website functionality, enhancing the site’s appearance and ease-of-use. Updated and managed existing website properties for a construction company.
  • Successfully integrated websites to work with social media.
  • Created clear icons, messaging, buttons and other UI elements for smartphones, tablets and web applications.

Personal projects

App Sovest. Sovest is a deferred payment card. Previously, the application could not be used until you order a card. The motivation to get one was small. Now the application shows a huge selection of products and features of the card, while offers to order it.

Radioemoji 1.0. It is a plugin that will help you to find out what users think about your content. Seven emotions in a set, any text on the buttons.

Navigation for gym Sportfamily. The gym inside of the Business Centre has been opened for nearly 2 years. First time visitors could not easily find the entrance and they constantly complained about it. Therefore, to help make the entrance more visible, Egor Selutin and I created signed and strategically placed them throughout the area. The directory sign has to be useful to answer questions. What is its purpose? Where should it be placed? How far away is it? These are the questions we asked to create the answers that we used as the foundation for the system. With this base, it is easier to create the directory sign for any location.

Website Brumby. The task is to make a minimal first version of a website for a startup from Amsterdam. The site says that the company helps professionals find the best companies, and companies find the best professionals around the world. The site tells the idea of the name of the company and gives contacts.
Website Crossfit Martell. New website CrossFit Martell solves two problems: tells beginning athletes of CrossFit and convinces local and foreign people to register for classes.

Metro map of Minsk. June 2017, my team diligently for 8 months to create an informative metro map for my city, Minsk. We were challenged by the Art Director to design a subway map that all other cities would envy.


Design School Bureau Gorbunova, 2017 – 2018. I finished all three steps and defended a thesis project. Improved skills in the following disciplines: typography and layout, user interface, data visualization, prototyping, negotiations and relationships, project management and results.

Master of Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics, 2015 – 2017. Faculty “National Economy”. Online marketing and e-commerce. I am able to create projects for advertising campaigns, because I am a graduate of the Google Graduate and Online Marketing Challenges program.

Bachelor of Belarusian State University, 2010 – 2015. Faculty “Radiophysics and Computer Technologies”. I studied programming and quantum physics. Knowledge of programming languages helps me understand how layouts will work in a product.


leadership, management, goal-setting, strategy

, analysis of competitors, user feedback, metrics and indicators, user interviews, forming hypotheses, collaboration, prioritization

, prototypes, design sessions, interface testing, empathy, information architecture, card sorting, personas, FIRE

, design systems, user interface design, graphic design, accessibility

, checklists, design review, analysis of results,

 html, css, a little js


Courses and workshops

“Leadership and Hogan assessment 

” by Alex Ivanov,


” by Ivan Vasilev,
“User Interviews” by IT mine,
“Clear Understanding of Project Goals” by Ilya Birman,
“Internet Marketing” Google The Graduate,
“Project and personal time management” by Nick Toverovskiy,
“Typography of Layout” by Igor Shtang,
“Agile techniques” by Dzmitry Yaltykhau,
“Pereverstka” by Igor Shtang.

Honors & Awards

EFFIE AWARDS BELARUS. Dec 2020. Winner in the category “Short-term effect campaigns”.

Transit Maps Absolutely beautiful map. Jun 2017. Submission – Unofficial Map: Minsk Metro, Belarus by Ilya Birman, Ivan Zviahin and Konstantin Evstratenko.

Internet-award TIBO. Apr 2016. Diploma of the second degree of the competition “Internet-award TIBO” in the nomination “Corporate Internet resource”.


Photoshop, Sketch + Zeplin, Figma, Illustrator, Principle, Pixelmator, Keynote, Jira, Confluence, Trello, Notion, Miro.


I paint with acrylic, play tennis, and snowboard. I love everything related to city navigation and transport schemes, collecting maps. I teach students at the school in free time.


English upper-intermediate, Russian native.

Publications and press

vc.ru 50 materials to do online marketing yourself. My article is number 13.

Independent magazine of the school bureau Gorbunova “Who is the student” Ivan Zviahin. Just do maximum.

KYKY Checking the theory of “shoemaker without shoes.” What do people who make a car site drive.

KYKY Designers have drawn an alternative version of the Minsk metro scheme.

Transit Maps Absolutely beautiful map.

Marketing.by AIDA Pioneer continued the story with carp in a new advertising campaign for av.by

Marketing.by av.by showed how the car turns into money.

Marketing.by Even the fish know: the new av.by advertising campaign, where the famous dubbing actor voiced the fish.

Marketing.by The history of the life of Belarus through their cars showed in the advertising campaign av.by.

BTW AIDA Pioneer case: av.by turns a car into money.

BTW Garage life in the advertising campaign av.by from AIDA Pioneer.

BTW The scheme of the Minsk metro, such that other cities envy.

Probusiness.io The audience of app av.by has grown 8 times.

Onliner Russian art director and Belarusian designers have developed a new Minsk metro scheme – such that other cities envy.

Canva.com Designer’s portfolio – tips, templates , and examples. Show the work that you would like to continue doing. My site is number 14.

Realt.by The designer has developed a new metro scheme in Minsk, “which will be the envy of other cities”.

ТR The scheme of the Minsk metro from Ilya Birman became a subject of controversy for Russians and Belarusians.

Village Ilya Birman developed the Minsk metro scheme with errors, Ilya Birman will correct errors in the Minsk metro scheme.

Citydog Designers have developed an alternative scheme of the Minsk metro.

International Science Forum, “Millenials in Science and Art”. The effective approach for classification of electronic sales.

Communication in Social Human Knowledge, Economics, & Education. Materials 4th International scientific-practical conference. Infographic as effective tool for content-marketing.


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