The process of creating the Minsk Metro Map. Part Four

The process of creating the Minsk Metro Map: Part One · Two · Three · Four

This is the last part of the story about the creating process of Minsk Metro map which we completed on July 31, 2017. In July, Kostya finished all of the buildings in the center. We made the headline and drew the icons. I will tell about the importance of the national emblem on the map.


Kostya finished all of the buildings.


Make the headline bigger.

Let’s make the sign “20 minutes walking” bigger? People do not understand that the center is shown enlarged. Yesterday, I showed the map to a friend and she asked if these stations are placed so far from each other in real life?

Make the shadow at the center brighter.

This is our search for font and color of the sign “20 minutes walking”, swipe ← →

We changed the headline and made the shadow from the center brighter.

Checked contrast:


The logo in the corner always looks good, try it.


We chose this version:


I also found a beautiful emblem of the city. Let’s try to add it. The city emblem adds an importance to the map.

Let’s redraw the railway station icon.

Redraw icons, added an national emblem.

Ilya: Cool! Let’s publish the first version.

We made the layout in A2 format. This is all of the accomplishments in one month in one picture:

Photo from the metro:

The map will look great both in train carriages and in booklets. Art director – Ilya Birman. Designers – Ivan Zviahin and Konstantin Evstratenko.

The process of creating a Minsk Metro Map: Part One · Two · Three · Four

The latest version of the Minsk Metro Map.

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