The process of creating the Minsk Metro Map. Part Three

The process of creating the Minsk Metro Map: Part One · Two · Three · Four

I will tell about the process of work on the scheme in May and June. We worked on the details and decided on the font. We worked on making improvements in May. We made the coolest design of the metro line that was undergoing construction. We illustrated new trees and designed the stations pointer type “Compass”.


The following version of the metro map:

Ilya’s answer:

Oh, how drastically it got better and cleaner. For the first time, I have a feeling that it’s almost ready. Only one thing, the color of river should be lighter. The color of the buildings is too pale.

By the way, we need to think of where will we place the princess from the game Monument Valley.

Also, double check the text with transliteration. The stops in the city center look cool, but the outside does not.

Can we try that thing? Not exactly like this. But we should search for a similar effect. I don’t want a gradient, but something more graphic:

About fonts:

DIN Font
Stem Font
Pobeda font
Formular Font
P22 Underground Font

I wanted to show Minsk in the font “A little Soviet Union” but in a modern form. We decided to take the font P22 Underground.

We used the colors for metro lines from the London metro map, and we used the national ornament for the new shade from the city center. The river remained only in the center.


The metro line names are missing the word “line”.

The star on Victory Square monument is too close to the name. We have to place the star on top of the name. Where the Obelisk statue is placed badly breaks the metro line. Perhaps the circle should be made more transparent.

The purple color at the station looks bad. It is better to make it black and use larger font.

The comments were easy to understand. We replaced the font everywhere and began to add icons such as ATM, Disabled Lift, WC near the stations.

We realized that the icons are too hard to see. The ornament around the center begins to annoy us, so we removed it. The black color of the station names is too much contrast. It is necessary to replace it.

It became clear that I do not like the way the river looks. I redid it. I also drew hockey arenas with more details.

By this time Kostya drew towers near the railway station. In replace of a statue on one of the towers, stands the Princess from the game Monument Valley.

I added towers and all sorts of things.

Ilya’s comments:

It looked cooler when exit dots were without opacity.

The bus lines are hard to see, they must be darker.

Does it seem that the shadows fall from the trees? It turned out badly and falls in the wrong place like at 3d-buildings.

You need to sign the river somehow with a bend like on maps.

The comments are understandable. Later, Ilya and I had a dispute. We could not find a common decision about the direction of shadows from the buildings and trees. Ilya offered all the shadows to steer down. We wanted the shadow to be on one side. It would give volume to the buildings. Kostya showed an example on the cube.

Ilya: Anyway from the right to left looks bad. It is possible to cheat: a shadow to throw downwards, and on the left sides make a shadow a little lighter than the right ones.

We went to look for examples and tried different shadows on our buildings.

We were able to convince Ilya that the shadow down doesn’t look good. We agreed to make a shadow to the right.

We made a new version. The exit dots became brighter. We named the river and bus station.

We didn’t have enough time to correct the shadows.

Ilya: The tiny dots near the exits looked better. Let’s remove the icons from the railway stations. They’re not beautiful. There is too much information next to the place around Vakzalnaya station. The railway and bus stations belong to one place.

I: This is how they are located in life!

Ilya: Then it is necessary to remove this table:

I: And do we not name the train station?

lya: The station “Vakzalnaya” is already written, what else is there to sign? Can you make the station’s icon green? Next to the station “Uruccha,” make the blue airplane bigger. Then just write underneath: “Bus 300Э goes to the airport.”

I:Fine, but the metro station “Vakzalnaya” is to the left of the station...

Ilya: Hmm, can you put the name to the left?

I: There’s also a blue metro line right there... just bend it or sign it straight. Let’s just write the words, it will be better for now. We will come back to this question later.

We named the railway stations and added new shadows to the trees. We replaced squares for circles at the stations exits. We made the icons of the elevator larger, drew a new icon for the airport. We also drew new bus routes. Finally, we made a draft version of the stations in alphabetical order, which is placed below.



Let’s remove the margins and bold styles of the first letters in the list. I want the arrows that we will use to be the same as the Moscow metro map of 2013 that I created. In the center, you can use the same circles that were used for the metro stations exit signs.

Think about where you can put our names.

What have you decided to do with the hockey arena?

We decided to draw a volumetric arena, but not until after the first release of the map.


The pointer is good.

Let’s take a look at the stations names and icons for the elevators and toilets. There should be a clear principle for icons alignment.

The circle seems to be unnecessary in bus lines.

Let’s go back to the piece of the map that is around station “Vakzalnaya”. All the text about the station should be underneath the name of station “Vakzalnaya.” The map also needs an icon that is a green train and is like the airport icon.

I’m not sure I got it right, but I’ll show you a draft.

You can get to the railway station from the station “Ploshcha Lenina” without going outside. “Vakzalnaya” is located below the train station and has no tunnel to it. The train icon should be blue. The train station is just across the street from the city’s tower. This is all important information to consider.

Then I had an idea. While the green line of the metro is under construction, station “Vakzalnaya” should be placed outside of the city center.

At the same moment Ilya wrote:

We need to get the station Vokzalnay out of the city center. In this event, you won’t think that it is suitable for the ride to the station.

Let’s show somehow that the green line is being under construction. Can we draw the line either contour or dotted?

I worked on the comments and made the next version.


There are a few thoughts about the green line. First, it is possible to make the line from dots…it could look beautiful. Second, I would have made the station’s name in a smaller font size.

Write our names vertically on the edge of the format.

It seems that we have just created the coolest display of metro lines that was ever made. Here’s a draft:

I’ll show you the final version after I tell you about the new trees. Yes, trees. Ilya offered to redraw them completely and make them more modern. I struggled to keep the old trees until the last moment, and now I’m glad we changed them. I will tell you a little about the process of creation.

Ilya says:

As a whole picture, we have cool buildings and cool graphics on the map, and the trees don’t match the style. You can try to draw half transparent circles. Look at this:

My attempts to draw trees:

We decided on the last option. The version with new trees and green line:


“20 мин от центра · 20 min from the centre”. You need an icon of the man instead of the pointer.

Let’s write the working hours like this: 5:30am to 1:00am.

What is the thing in the center? A rectangle on a stick?


It’s a big screen on the square. The screen is a popular meeting place, city locals will understand the icon.

I have shown several options for displaying captions in English, but the captions are in a difficult place.

The first option won. All Belarusian inscriptions should stand as if there is no English. After that, the English version is put in free space.

We deleted the icons for WC, elevators, etc.


The train station icon looks like a ferry.

The trees look cool.

You need to make a star at the obelisk bigger.

By this time, Kostya had painted the cathedral. We made comments and added a new building to the map. We made bridges for the first version. Then we will draw the cooler one.

Here is the work for two months in one picture:

June ended. I will tell about the work from July and August in the fourth part. By the way, the fourth part is the final. Kostya is drawing the main buildings in the center in fourth part. I will tell you how we made the headline. I will also tell you about the importance of the emblem on the map.

The process of creating a Minsk Metro Map: Part One · Two · Three · Four

The latest version of the Minsk Metro Map.

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