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“Mascot” is an car award in Belarus. The award site solves many problems. We will introduce the conditions of the participants of the award. We will give the opportunity to apply for participation. We will tell about partners. We will tell about the nomination and methodology. We will introduce to the experts. And we will give the opportunity to vote for the best cars that fall into the qualifying round. We will draw prizes among the voting participants so that they will not be lazy to vote.

Award participants

All participants of the award are car dealers. And the subject of evaluation is new cars. Therefore, we designed a magazine of all cars that were sold in 2018:

Of course, you want to see all the pictures of cars. To do this, we made a gallery of cars in each nomination:


We told about all the partners. In order not to publish them at the end of the page, we mixed them into the car magazine:

Method of determining the winner

The first stage is qualifying. This is an online vote of the people on the site. We chose the five best cars for the second and third stages. I will tell you more about this later.

The second stage is the determination of the winner in each nomination. With the help of a research company throughout Belarus. We considered the region, age, gender and education of the participants. Of the five finalists of the first stage, an objective winner was determined in each nomination.

The third stage is the determination of the winner by the expert council. All six experts participated in the voting.

In total, in each nomination there will be two winners: in the opinion of the people and in the opinion of experts.

Raffle prizes

We made a prize draw for voting members to attract more people.

Consumer voting

We launched a qualifying stage vote right on the site. Phone number verification:

We show only one car on the screen to avoid comparing cars to each other and increase the objectivity of voting.

Personal data of the participant:

Gratitude for participation is discount on automotive products in the online hypermarket:

Winners presentation

We made the announcement of the winners on the site:

Mobile devices

Everything works on mobile devices:

For the site collected about 50 screens and states. In life, there is a three-dimensional logo and iridescent buttons:

Site version: first · second


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