In February, I visited the beautiful island Madeira. This is an Autonomous region of Portugal , located on the archipelago in the North Atlantic ocean, about 1000 km South-West of Portugal and 500 km West of the Africa. Madeira is included in the EU as a special remote territory. I share photos.

Here is such ocean was all 10 days
View of a small town at the other end of the island from Funchal
In the center of the island, the mountains hold clouds above them. There was a feeling that there is always such weather
We’ve been above the clouds
A distinctive feature of Portugal from another country is tiles
Beautiful handmade sign
R and J set the correct image for the sign
Just nice
Public washbasin
Red beautiful hydrant
Sign in the center of Funchal
The Soul Of Portugal
Navigation is right on the road

For the most patient readers there is a 26 second video:

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